Best momos in Delhi: Location, Price, and Contact no.

Hello, readers welcome back to dimezime where today we are talking about Best momos in Delhi. What to order and from where and certain things like an easy way to reach, their price approximately, where it is situated and lastly the contact number for booking or ordering from them.

Tell me who doesn’t like Momos?

Momos have been these days loved by all generations from children, young age to middle-aged. Whether the person is vegetarian or non-vegetarian it is liked by all. Nowadays, in the evening everyone wants to have some quick bites as well as tasty. At that time we look around for ordering some yummy momos. So here we put a list of Best momos in Delhi for you guys. It will be easier for you to select the dish which you should order and never get wrong after ordering from these places.

1. Yeti the Himalayan kitchen

It is one of the best places to have momos in Delhi. The cuisines you will get here are Tibetan, Momos, and Nepalese. Talking about the ambience of this place is so peaceful and on walls, you will see amazing Tibetan wall arts. The seating area near the window makes your meal more enjoyable.

Best momos in Delhi

What to order?

  • Aloo momos are the best momos from this place.
  • Newari momos served with sesame and chili sauce.
  • Mt. Everest momos of this place are what one should definitely have.

Location- Hauz Khas Village, Delhi NCR

Approx- 1900 for two people.

Contact no. for booking- +91 9717453287,+91 9650618315

Nearest metro station- Green Park

2. Hunger strike momos: Best momos in Delhi

The word ‘hunger’ itself makes you more hungry. So what you guys are waiting for? The place gets too crowded in the evening, so you have to wait for some time. But wait is worth for such delicious momos. It’s a small shop with no sitting area.

What to order?

  • Gravy tandoori momo the best gravy momos I ever had till date.
  • Chicken tandoori momo a good option for non-vegetarians.
  • They also offer North Indian, Chinese, Rolls and Mughlai food.

Location- C9, Amar Colony Market, Amar Colony, New Delhi.

Approx- 400 for two people.

Contact no. for ordering – +91 9667769284, +91 9667769285

Nearest metro station- Moolchand

Hunger strike momos

3. Game of Momos

This place is not a famous place but trusts me guys if you really want to try varieties of momos then it is the best place. They just renovated their small place, so plan to visit this cozy place. Best place to have a different type of momos in just one roof.

What to order?

  • Veggie steamed momos of this place are the best in the raja garden.
  • Afghani malai momos totally one should go for.
  • They also have chaap and chicken shawarma.

Location- H7, Bali Nagar, near Kheterpal Hospital, Raja Garden, New Delhi.

Approx- 300 for two people.

Contact no. for ordering- 9999081775

Nearest metro station- Ramesh Nagar

Best momos in Delhi

4. QD’s: Best momos in Delhi

I heard a lot about this place and want to go for a very long time. Whether it is in Satya Niketan or Hudson Lane, it is the best place for students to enjoy. The ambience of this place is so vibrant and amazing.

  • Veg tandoori momo is the best you can have from this place.
  • This place is the first one to give a tandoori twist to momo.
  • Chicken tandoori momo is also a good option.
  • They also serve Chinese and North Indian food.

Location- 1st floor, Hudson Lane, Kingsway Camp, Delhi University- GTB Nagar, New Delhi.

Approx- 1000 for two people.

Contact no. for booking- +91 8882997777

Nearest metro station- Vishwavidyalya


5. Pema’s

This place in Malviya Nagar is the best place for your momo cravings. Place is almost hidden on Shivalik road. They also serve Chinese and Asian cuisines. It is a small cafe which is famous for its pork momos.

  • Darjeeling Special Anila’s Puffy Pork Momos is the specialty of this cafe.
  • Veg steamed momo also tastes perfect.
  • Paneer and Chicken momos such other options are there to choose from their vast menu.

Location- Shop-5, 3/31, Upper Ground Floor, Shivalik Road, Malviya Nagar, New Delhi.

Approx- 700 for two people.

Contact no. for ordering- 011 41605040,+91 9654633346

Nearest metro station- Malviya Nagar


6. D’Momo factory: Best momos in Delhi

This another spot in Amar colony of momos serve more than 20 varieties of momos. And you will surely get confused while eating them which one is the best among all because of all tastes so delicious. They serve both veg and non-veg momos.

  • Wheat momo of this place is so tasty and they will bring you less guilt.
  • Pasta Schezwan Momo and Tandoori Malai Momo of this place are a must-try.
  • If you want to try a different- different type of momos from their menu you can order momo platter from their menu.
  • They also serve a desert momo.

Location- Shop D-44, Central Market, New Delhi.

Approx- 200 for two people.

Contact no.- +919810654581

Nearest metro station- Lajpat Nagar

D'Momo factory

7. Momo’s Point

If you are in Delhi and never been to this place then where? The chili chutney they serve with momo is so spicy and tasty. This place is nearby to North Campus Students. They have so many other quick bites too on their menu.

  • Veg tandoori momos of this place are very famous and seriously it makes you more hungry.
  • Masala veg momo with a desi spin is recommended.
  • For non-vegetarians Masala Chicken momos and Pork momos are the best.

Location- 27-UB, Jawahar Nagar, Kamla Nagar, New Delhi.

Approx- 400 for two people.

Contact no.- 01123858435

Nearest metro station- Vishwavidyalaya

Momo's Point

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  1. Thank you for your advice……pema’s is an amazing place to dine in addition to the ambiance their is authenticity in every cuisine i had along with momos they have delicious shyaphalay as best of himalayan dish. I had great time keep adding list to your blog

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