Never Give Up

Hello everyone welcome back to dimezime where today we are going to talk about why not to give up or giving up is never an option in life. So, let me make one thing very clear in the initial stage that no matter what may come in your life giving up is never a solution to the situation, may be you think giving up will solve the problem for some time but what after the shorter period pass away how will you going to face giving up in your whole life. Many people try to give up but try to think of the situation as opportunity to prove yourself as a hero of your life and tell yourself that you need to master that fear and came out as never giving up. Tell yourself to never give up in any situation and circumstances no matter what come may. 

“Whatever course you decide upon, there is always someone to tell you that you are wrong. There are always difficulties arising which tempt you to believe that your critics are right. To map out a course of action and follow it to an end requires courage.”– Ralph Waldo Emerson

never give up

Image on left shows how to never give up on something in your life 

Just keep on moving towards the direction of your desired goals and nothing can stop you

You are the only person who can stop you for achieving anything in your life

Why to never give up?

The above discussed point was how to never give up now lets just move on to the part of why never giving up is important. Consider a butterfly life cycle  which I am sure everyone has studied in initial stage of schooling, still going through it would help, the image below shows the butterfly life cycle.

Just look around the process and try to relate and understand how they never give up on a single stage of their life. Imagine if they give up in any stage of their life cycle they won’t be butterfly ever. When caterpillar move to Chrysalis stage and then from there to butterfly stage its very painful steps but they never thought of giving up. if they never think of giving up how can we human think of giving up at any situation. 

why to never give up

Every time  you feel the way of giving up look around and make it worth the journey look around and try to find answers to the questions such as what if you give up?, don’t let your past experience determine your future, keep in mind that even after the darkest night there is always sunshine. And at times you may feel low and feel like giving up but that is the real test, you need to fight back and keep never give up spirit high in oneself

Why do you think of giving up?

Its very important question to ask from yourself every time you get this thought of giving up because by answering this question you are likely to get strength to not quit what you started in the first place unless and until it is completed.

Your answer could be anything to this question it could be the need of an hour but dreaming somethings then working in the direction to achieve what you dreamed of is not everyday kind of thing, so if you are capable of seeing a dream then you are capable of fulfilling that dream then why do you ever believe or have thoughts like giving up.

The opportunity of living the dream is not everyone’s cup of tea, so if ever you get a chance to live the life you dream of having why to give up just for the sake for time its going to take time will pass like blink of eye if you focus on what you really want to achieve



Here, we have an amazing quotes by Thomas Edision sir, stating that a person’s greatest weakness lies in giving up in any situation. And most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time

A person who achieve something is no different to person who loss its just that the achiever tries one more time.

Success never comes easy but all it takes is the pure determination and never giving up attitude from the person who want to achieve it  

Self believe to achieve a never give up attitude

When you are giving upon something or someone you can’t imagine your life without. You can’t imagine to go a day without it, you are giving upon everything you had in your life. Don’t do that never i repeat never give up on something that means life to  you or gives you the reason to live.

One needs to stay positive and strong to achieve everything you want to achieve in your life.

It only requires great determination towards right direction with a focus mindset to get what you always wanted to.

Remember Never Give Up

You are facing challenges, guess what every one else is too facing it in some or the other way.but giving up on yourself or situation is never an appropriate solution to any problem.

As you can read the image says it out loud that “there is no failure excepts in no longer trying” which simply means that no matter how many times you fail no matter what are you going through negatively in your mind or in your life, you need to and must keep on trying to achieve what are you failing at. because failure is not a failure until you stop trying it. 

life- never give up

I have seen people drowning in the guilt or failure of not achieve things that they actually want to. And so they move on to take some negative steps and sometimes try to end their lives. but before you do that try and think about people who really love you and care for you and try to understand the quote depicted in the image on right. This world needs you here in it and you make a difference in this world.

Step to keep oneself motivated

Here are some key points to stay motivated lets go through this quickly.

1. Work hard

2. Dream big

3. Focus and never give up

4. Stay humble

5. You can do this attitude

6. Love what you do and do what you love

That’s all for today hope to see you all soon with some new and interesting topic till then stay tuned to dimezime and keep showering you love on us and do not forget to comment on th post below i would love to hear you story version on never give up. Hope my thoughts helped you all in any way , see you guys with next topic to talk upon

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