20 Ways to Earn Money Online Without Investment(2019).

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I am sharing these Ways to earn money online because we have already trained more than 1,00,000 people across the world and they are successfully making $400 to $2000 per month and if you try to make money online before but did not get success?Then don’t worry I guarantee you after reading this blog you become expert in Online earning.

Before starting i want to show you some of the Top Personalities of Digital world and their income.

  1. Amit Agrawal-$60,000.
  2. Harsh Agrawal-$52,434.
  3. Faisal farooqui-$50,000.
  4. Shradha sharma-$30,000.
  5. Varun krishnan-$22,000.

So, finally let’s start without wasting more time and these are tips are completely free without any Investment.

Things you Need to Start your online Earning Journey.

1 Laptop.

2 Email Account.

3 Bank account.

4 Internet Connection.

5 Payment gateway accounts(paytm,paypal,Google pay)Etc.

20 Ways to earn Money Online without any Investment -(2019).

ways to earn money online-(2019)

1.Make money with online survey.

ways to Earn money online with online surveys

Here , is our first tip to earn money online.-

You can earn money by doing small surveys which not take your more than 20-25 minutes Depends on the requirement of the company.

You can write your feedback, Your opinion according to your choice You only need you select from the given options.

By this way you can earn average $1 to $20 Depends on the length of the survey.

Some best paid survey sites are-

1.Swag Bucks.

2.Price Rebel.

3.Global Test Market.

4.Pinecone Research.


2.Earn Money with Blogging (Earn Money Online).

ways to earn money online by blogging

Blogging is one of my best suggested way if you want to earn online income the only thing you need here is patience to succeed.

Many of the most famous Indian bloggers like Harsh Agrawal,Amit agrawal,varun krishnan are earning more than 20 lakhs Indian rupees per month.

If you really want to be a blogger then you need a website you can easily create your website without knowing any type of coding through WordPress here you only need to purchase a domain name and a hosting server. 

Here is the another way for you can also write your blogs on Free platforms without purchasing any domain and hosting through Blogger here you use the hosting and domain of Blogger.

But according to my experience if we look through SEO point of view then purchasing your own hosting and domain is a good idea in comparison with using free hosting and domain if you want your career in this field.

In your Blogging journey if you are expecting immediate result then Blogging is not for you it takes atleast 3 to 6 month if you want to rank your website on google .


3.Become a captcha solver.

captcha solving ways to earn money online

Captcha solving is also one of the most popular way to earn money online.But people usually prefer this way of online earning less in comparison with other ways.

The reason behind that people prefer this way less is that we on an average only get $2 for solving 1000 captchas.

 Such kind of jobs we can perform easily by just spending few hours of our day If we spend only 2 hours of day in captcha solving then we can easily generate an average amount of good online income.

But this is one of the most Easiest way to earn money online we don’t need any kind of skill in performing this job . we only have to read and write Exact according to the captcha.

Here, Top 5 Captcha solving sites-

  1. Kolotibablo.com
  2. Megatypers.com
  3. Protypers.com
  4. 2Captcha.com
  5. Captcha2cash.com

4.Affiliate Marketing(Earn Money Online).

Affiliate marketing ways to earn money online

Affiliate marketing if one of the best way if you want to earn a big amount from Digital world .  Many people are earning around 20 lakhs rupees in India from Affiliate marketing.

Their are two ways you can earn money through Affiliate marketing –

First- You can sell products of different e-commerce sites by listing products on your website.Here you don’t have to worry about shipping,packaging of the product you are only working here as a intermediate chain between e-commerce site and a customer.But for this you need to have a website.

Second-If you don’t have any website don’t worry you only need here is your social media followers you can earn directly by posting on your Timeline or by sending affiliate links to your followers.

You can Promote your website by launching campains on facebook ,Google,Instagram,twitter etc.

Average Affiliate rates on different products in India.

average affiliate rates in India



You can earn a good amount of money by performing different types of freelancing works on many free registration online freelancing platforms.

You can easily earn $500 to $2000 per month.Here you work for many small and big companies on temporary basis.

You can perform jobs like webdesigning,SEO, data entry,content writing,graphic designing etc.

In freelancing your earnings are totally depend on the organisation you are working with.

Some of the most popular freelancing websites are-

  1. Upwork.com
  2. Freelancer.in
  3. Worknhire.com

6.Virtual assistant(Earn Money Online).

virtual assistant

You can work as Virtual assistant for someone else and get paid for your work.

Their are various tasks that you perform if you work as virtual assistant for someone else.You perfom account managment tasks,taking care of website,coding,app development,research.

Here you get paid for the quality of work you perform for someone and the person or organisation you are working for.

Their are many companies where you can register as virtual assistant-

  1. HireMyMom.
  2. MyTasker.
  3. Zirtual.
  4. 123Employee.

7.Writing job.

content writer

If you work as a content writer then your work is to write articles,blogs for companies and institutions.

You get normal pay of $5 to $20 on the basis of your work and length of article you have given.

If you don’t have any writing skills then don’t get worried you can easily develop good writing skills by watching different videos on youtube and reading blogs on google.

You can work on sites as content writer like-

  1. iWriter.com
  2. Freelance Writing.com
  3. textbroker.com

8.Micro working(Earn Money online).

Ways to earn money online micro jobs
Source:SURE JOB.com

Performing microjobs is also one of the most famous way to earn online Thousands of people are earning in world from such kind of jobs.

You can easily perform this job Here You only have to identify different objects,Finding contact details,doing reserches,writing small articles.

so,basically you can say here is the mixture of all kind of jobs. Here You can earn upto $200 to $300 per month.

Websites offering micro jobs=

  1. MicroWorker.
  2. Seoclerk.
  3. ClickWorker
  4. GigWalk



Youtube is also one of the best way to earn a good amount of money online.Many people are joining this platform from all over the world and many are also leaving this platform with disappointment and with the feeling of failure.

If you want to grow your channel on youtube then you need alot of patience here to grow and become a brand.

If your channel has grown once then you also start getting promotion projects from the top brands of world.so,in this way people earn from both the ways one from promotions and one from youtube.

Somepeople also provides affiliate links in the description of their video so that their audience buy product from their affiliate link and they get their affiliate commission from their.   

You only need advance knowledge of Youtube Seo if you want to grow your channel here.

10.Become an online seller(Earn Money Online).

online seller

Online selling is one of the best way to increase our customer base through online way.Traditionally prople don’t have any idea of incresing their customer base through online mode and also they earlier they don’t have any kind of knowledge and they are lacking in resources which we have today.

We can earn from online selling in two ways

1.By making our own e-commerce website and listing our own products on our website and by working on increasing its ranking on google.

2.By listing amazon products on our website blogs and earn from sharing affiliate links on your blog here, we dont have to worry about the packaging,shipping of product .

11.Domain Trader.

domain trading ways to earn money online

You can also earn money online from Domain trading but here you need a good ability of thinking and a sharp mind .

Here you also need some money to invest in purchasing Domain.

People usually earn from domain trading by purchasing a good domain that they think their are high chances that a company purcahse  taht domain in future and then they charge high price from that company for a particular domain.

You can earn a very good amount of money from this way may be double or triple or more than that of the price you purchase that  domain intially for the puorpose of selling in future.

12.Website flipping(Earn Money Online).

Website flipping ways to earn money online

Website flipping is also amoung one of the good ways to earn money online.Here we sell our website to someone else may be a company,organisation or any individual.

Alot of people are doing this kind of job in all over the world.People are making a good amount of  money by this way.

People firstly rank their website on google and then sell their website to some else . You can easily earn a double , triple amount by this way.

Their are many platforms on which people sell their website like-

  1. Flippa
  2. Empireflippers

13.Provide Training courses.

Training courses ways to earn money online

We can also earn a good amount of money by teaching people some new skills in which we are expert.

Many people launch their online courses at a very reasonable price and earn money.

for ex if a person have 50,000 subscribers and He/She launched His/Her course on personality development at price of 2000. And if suppose 200 people purchased the course then 200*2000=400000 So, you can easily now get  the rough idea of how people earn money by  selling courses.

So, if you want to sell your course then you need to gain expertise in a particular Niche in which you are interested.

14.Mobile Apps(Earn Money Online).

Mobile apps
Source:Simply Cleaver.

We can earn from mobile apps their are many mobile apps for android and ios that gives us chance to earn money online.

We can earn by trading through different applications some of the most popular trading applications are-

  1. IQ Option.
  2. Angel Broking.
  3. Motilal Oswal.
  4. Binomo.
  5. Kotak Stock Trader.
We can earn money from apps by playing games and completing different tasks also.
But people prefer this way of earning very less because the earnings from the mobile apps are very low and time consuming. so, if you want to earn money from mobile apps then i suggest to to try your chance only in trading apps but before that polish your skills in trading.

15.Sell Photos.

sell photos ways to earn money online

If you are good at Photography then you can start your own website to sell your photos or you can register and sell your clicked photos on other popular websites such as-

  1. ShutterStock
  2. Fotolia
  3. iStockphoto

It is one of the best way to earn a good amount of money . You can do this full time if you are crazy about photography.

Here, You can get multiple times for the same photo.

16.Sell old stuff on quicker and Olx(Earn Money Online).

sell on olx and quicker

You can also earn money from selling Used or new products on online platforms such as Olx and Quikr.

For This firstly you have to register yourself on such platforms then you can easily purchase and sell your products on such platforms.

Here you can directly chat and negotiate the price of a particular item.It is one of the most easiest way of selling products online.

You can easily get thousands of Buyers and sellers here for your products.Here you can easily reach thousands of people by just one click.


17.Join Paid to Click Sites.

paid to click sites

Paid to click sites work on a business model of increasing traffic of a particular blog or a website.

Here you only need to open a website and watch adds . Your income is totally dependent on the time you are spending to watch ads.

The more time you spend on Watching ads the more income you can generate easily from here.

On an average the pay scale of such sites is low you only earn $0.0001 to $0.01 for watching one single ad.

some of the best paid to click sites are-

  1. Neobux.
  2. Wad.Ojooo.
  3. GPT Planet.
  4. AyuWage.

18.Translator(Earn Money Online).

Translator ways to earn money online

Translator is one the best way to earn money online.You can work as translator online for big organizations and companies .

You only need to have a good knowledge of any  foreign language other than English iF you have this quality then you are most welcomed you work as translator.

You can easily earn a good amount of money n a very short period of time by working as translator for any organisation .Translators are always in high demands in big MNCs(Multinational cooperation).

One of the my personal recommended language is chinese this language is always in high demand in comparison with other languages like German,French etc.But learning a new language is not a simple task you need complete dedication and hardwork for this.

19.Social Media Influencer.

Social media influencer ways to earn money online

You can also become  social media influencer if you have a good fan following on social platforms like Instagram,Facebook Etc.

For this you firstly need to build your fan base so, that you can influence a good amount of crowd through social platforms.

You can help people in changing their lifestyle in a positive way After deciding your particular niche in which you want to influence people for ex-Its upto you You want to inspire them on regarding fashion or want to provide then any educational tips etc.

By this way you can get fame money and respect for the audience.

20.Kindle eBook(Earn Money Online).

Kindle eBook ways to earn money online

If you have good writing skills you can also publish your own book on Kindle eBook.This is one of the best way to earn money .

From here you can sll your published book to many people across the world.You can generate lifetime income from this way you only need to publish your book once.

You can set your book price according to your choice  and you can also promote your book through affiliate marketing so that you can also earn commission on selling of your published book if someone purchase from your link.

Summary(Ways to earn money Online).

So, We hope in this Blog you get your answer of all your queries like Make money online,online earning ways,ways to earn money online ,earn money from home,make money from home,online earning sites,earn from home,ways to make money online,how to earn money online with google,earn money online free on Google.

Hope this blog post helps you Alot in starting your journey of earn money online.If you put Hardwork and dedication I can surely say that you can earn more than what I said in this blog post. You only need three things patience ,Dedication and Hardwork.

Do you want to say something about this article or do you have any previous experience that you want to share? Or anything you like most in the top 20 ways to earn money online Share with us in comment section We will surely try to reply you.


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